Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Under Construction

Hey Everyone,

Just getting this blog started. I've got a lot of new and exciting things happening in my life these days, and finally decided to get a blog going. Lately, I've been hooked on survival shows like Survivorman, Mantracker, and several 'bushcraft' channels on YouTube. With that said, my main focus is making and selling paracord lanyards of all types. I make bracelets, neck lanyards, key fobs, and survival lanyards containing everything from fire starters to whistles. Hope you enjoy the contents of this blog. Thanks for reading.



  1. Andy..

    Your Lanyards are incredible! Thanks for the hard work that you put into them. I hope that many people realize the quality of craftsmanship that you have put into each one!

    David Wendell
    Bushcraft On Fire

  2. @ soarntam

    Thanks for the kind words.