Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glow Pulls

Here is a 4-pack of glow pulls I am going to be offering at the Bend Saturday Market in May. These are OD Green and Black with a glow in the dark cord end. Get 'em for $18 for a set of 4, plus shipping.


Hunting Lanyard with Loops for Game Calls

Here is a lanyard I made for a friend. He wanted loops to hold his predator/coyote calls. The side loops are stitched back into the weave and won't pull out. $15 plus shipping.


Mini-Monkey's Fist Lanyards on Spyderco HoneyBee

Picked up some of these Spyderco HoneyBees to pair with the miniature monkey's fist lanyards. Hoping to sell a few of these at the upcoming Saturday Market. The HoneyBee is a great little pocket knife. Selling the ones with the 3/8" monkey's fists for $20 plus shipping. The one with the 5/8" monkey's fist will sell for $24 plus shipping.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fist Fob of Fury

This one is 7 wraps of type-1 cord around a 5/8" chrome ball bearing. Turned out nice and square, and about 7/8" wide.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Miniature Monkey's Fist w/ Quarter

Here is a mini-monkey's fist in coyote brown on top of a quarter for size comparison.


Miniature Monkey's fists

Got hooked on tying these monkey's fists. Although it takes really good lighting and a whole lot of patience, these little guys are fun to do. Here is a bookmark and key fob made from Military type-1 cord wrapped around a 3/8" ball bearing:


Key Fob:


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Purple and Neon Pink Camo Diamond Braid Neck Lanyard

Here is a Diamond Braid neck lanyard with adjustable loops in purple and neon pink camo 550-parachute cord. Color can be changed to just about any color combo wanted. This one was for a lady who works at a library and needed a lanyard to display her name tag and swipe card. The number of loops on this style can also be changed, as well as adding lanyard hooks in place of adjustable loops. $15 + shipping with loops, add $5 per lanyard hook if wanted.


Foliage Green Spool Weave w/ Schmuckatelli Skull

Here is a spool weave neck lanyard in foliage green with a Schmuckatelli pewter skull between a little snake stitch. Included is a 25mm stainless steel McGizmo gate clip, but this can be changed to either a 35mm or swivel hook. $25 + shipping.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Glow Pulls, Whistle fob, Survival Lanyard

Here are a few different lanyards. #1 and #4 are simple fobs with a glow in the dark end. These go for $15 shipped for a set of 3 fobs in any color combo. # 3 is a whistle fob with a diamond/lanyard knot and a little bit of snake stitching. This sells for $10 shipped in any color combo. #2a and #2b are survival lanyards and have a Ferro Cerium rod (fire starter) inside of the round/crown sinnet stitching. These sell for $15 shipped in any color combo.


Knife Lanyard w/ Santi Triceratops Bead

Here is a simple knife lanyard with a skull bead made by a friend of mine in Thailand. The bead is called the Triceratops and it sits between two diamond/lanyard knots. This lanyard is on a Strider SnG, but can be made on any knife with a lanyard hole. Knife lanyards aid in knife retention during use as well as retrieving the knife from a pocket or sheath. Price without skull bead $5 plus shipping.


Another view:


Monkey's Fist Lanyards

Here are a few monkey's fists lanyards. The two on the left use a 3/4" chrome ball bearing, and the one on the right is made around a 5/8" ball bearing. These make a great key chain lanyard, paperweight, knife lanyard, or small impact weapon. These go for $10 plus shipping.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spool Weave Neck Lanyard with 550 inner core

Here is a neck lanyard that I like to make using a technique found on Stormdrane's blog. The outer spool weave uses approximately 30' of type-1 vest cord with an inner core of about 4' of regular 550-paracord. This one is black with a desert camo core and 2 - 35mm stainless steel McGizmo gate clips. The inner core can be almost any color, but the outer weave is limited to black, coyote brown, OD green, foliage green, or white. These go for $30 shipped.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Fully Adaptable Neck Lanyard

This lanyard is made from high strength 550-Parachute Cord and is adjustable for length via two sliding figure-8 knots. A small section of Cobra stitching brings the lanyard together with a 25mm McGizmo stainless steel gate clip to hold anything from a whistle to an ID badge. These come in just about any color from hot pink to olive drab green. $12 plus shipping. Here is a nice black and red one:


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wide Cobra Stitch Bracelet

Here is a rendition of the Cobra Stitch that I call the Wide Cobra. This one has 4 'core' strands that make up the inner core of the bracelet, as opposed to the normal Cobra that uses 2 strands for the core. This one is a nice Black and Tan combo with a 5/8" side release buckle. These go for $18 shipped.


Chain Sinnet Survival Bracelet

Here is the true survival bracelet: The Chain Sinnet. This bracelet is comfortable to wear, lightweight, and can be unraveled to almost 8' of usable paracord in a matter of seconds. That's right. The Chain Sinnet survival bracelet is stitched in a 'zipper' type stitch that can be pulled apart quickly if necessary. These sell for $15 shipped to your door, and can be made in almost any color combo. Here is a nice one in black and tan with a 'knot and loop' closure.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2 Nail Spool weave: Black w/ Emerson Skull

Made this neck lanyard for a customer today. Nice way to show off your ID badge with a little bling. These are a bargain deal and sell for $25 + shipping. Black type-1 cord with a nice Emerson pewter skull and a 35mm stainless steel clip:


2-Nail Spool Weave Neck Lanyard

Made this lanyard on a knitting spool using 2 nails and approximately 25' of Type-1 Paracord. Really like this style as it is small, light, concealable, and makes for a great every-day-carry lanyard for hanging a neck knife or ID badge. This one has an Emerson skull between some snake weave.


And a close up of the skull and snake weave:


Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Under Construction

Hey Everyone,

Just getting this blog started. I've got a lot of new and exciting things happening in my life these days, and finally decided to get a blog going. Lately, I've been hooked on survival shows like Survivorman, Mantracker, and several 'bushcraft' channels on YouTube. With that said, my main focus is making and selling paracord lanyards of all types. I make bracelets, neck lanyards, key fobs, and survival lanyards containing everything from fire starters to whistles. Hope you enjoy the contents of this blog. Thanks for reading.